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Is it possible to receive both LTD and SSDI?

Workers injured on the job can often get Long-Term Disability benefits from their employer. However, some may wonder if they can receive both Long-Term Disability and Social Security Disability Insurance at the same time.

In some instances, obtaining both can be possible. Those already on LTD may have been told by their insurance provider they are required to apply for SSDI.

Many LTD policies often state that the beneficiary can apply for Social Security within a specific timeframe. For example, some insurance providers may require workers to apply for SSDI after being on LTD for at least one year.

How one can apply for SSDI if they’re on LTD

Applying for Social Security can be very different from obtaining LTD. That’s because there are multiple ways one can submit their information for government disability insurance. Those looking to apply can do so by phone, in person or online. Once workers provide their information, it will likely get processed by California’s State Disability Insurance office. These are some of the requirements for eligibility in the state:

  • The worker is unable to perform regular or customary duties for at least eight days.
  • The worker must be employed or actively looking for employment at the time their disability insurance begins.
  • The worker has lost income due to the effects of their disability.
  • The worker has received some form of professional medical care at the time their disability checks start coming in.
  • They have their doctor or practitioner fill out the medical certification portion of their disability claim.

By providing complete and accurate information, workers can increase their chances of approval.

Workers’ best interests should come first

When workers need long-term recovery to heal from their injuries, the insurance companies aren’t always helpful. If this happens, workers may want to seek legal counsel. An experienced, tenacious and caring disability attorney can evaluate a worker’s claim and get them the benefits they need to support themselves and their families.