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Appealing Social Security rejections

The Social Security Administration gets countess applications for disability insurance every year. According to a recent report, more than 8 million Americans receive payments through Social Security benefits. Sadly, there are plenty more whose applications got rejected.

However, that doesn’t always mean their rejection is valid. When this happens, applicants can appeal the denial and restate their case.

Whether the rejection was for medical or nonmedical reasons, applicants can appeal their denial. To do so, they must formally state their reevaluating request in writing and submit it within two months.

Steps of the appeals process

These the levels some applicants may have to go through when appealing:

  • Reconsideration: This is typically when another worker who did not take part in the initial decision evaluates the applicant’s claim. They often reexamine the old evidence while considering any new evidence given by the applicant.
  • Administrative hearing: If the claimant disagrees with the outcome of the reconsideration, they can take their claim to a hearing. During the hearing, a neutral administrative judge may take on the case. They’ll often question the claimant and any witnesses they bring with them. They typically make a decision based on the quality of testimony and evidence provided by both the claimant and the witnesses.
  • Review by an appeals council: If a judge doesn’t rule in their favor, claimants could then bring their case to an appeals council. However, the council may evaluate all previous appeals requests. If they believe previous reviews were accurate, they may not reevaluate the applicant’s case. If the council does decide to assess their situation, they can either make a decision themselves or send it to another administrative law judge.
  • Proceed with litigation: If claimants still aren’t satisfied, they can file a lawsuit in a federal district court to try and get benefits.

Impaired Americans deserve financial support

Getting that rejection letter in the mail can make anyone’s heart sink. Luckily, those with severe physical and mental conditions can get the financial support they need by taking the proper steps.