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What to know about the disability appeals process

If a Social Security Disability benefit claim has been denied, it may be possible to appeal that decision. California residents may be able to file their appeal paperwork online. It may also be possible for an applicant’s attorney to do so on the client’s behalf. The attorney will likely send an applicant a copy of the appeal, and this may come in handy if the government denies receiving it in a timely manner.

Those who wish to appeal a denied benefit application will have 60 days to do so. If an appeal is not received within 60 days, there is a chance that it could be rejected regardless of its merits. There are some circumstances in which an appeal will be reviewed even if it isn’t submitted on time. For instance, applicants may be able to show that a family emergency or some other event made it impossible to submit paperwork by the required date.

It may also be possible for an individual to show that the original denial notice was never received. In some cases, applications are received in a timely manner but get misplaced when they arrive at the field office. While a reconsideration appeal generally takes less time to process, there is the likely chance that an application will be denied.

Those who are injured at work may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits as well as SSD benefits. These payments may help pay medical bills and other costs related to an individual’s physical or mental condition. An attorney may help clients pursue any compensation that they may be entitled to after getting hurt.