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Man working construction has head trauma after fall from scaffold

In Northern California and throughout the state, construction work is one industry that has continued despite the ongoing health concerns across the nation. With that comes the potential for accidents with injuries. Some of the riskiest work that a person can do involves construction. The physical and mental stress can be overwhelming and people might suddenly find themselves with a back injury, a head injury, broken bones, lost limbs, torn muscles and more. Workers’ compensation benefits can be crucial to cover for lost wages and pay for medical care after a work accident. Legal help could be needed to be approved and maximize the coverage.

Two-story fall seriously injures construction worker

Because construction work frequently involves being stationed at significant heights, one of the most common causes of injuries that require workers’ compensation is a fall. Recently, a worker was seriously hurt following a two-story fall from a scaffold. The accident occurred in the morning at shortly after 8 a.m. He was working one a high school building and was part of a crew. He is said to be in his mid-40s. He was on a scaffold when he slipped and fell to the ground. When first responders arrived, he was unconscious. Fortunately, he was breathing. He had head trauma. He was taken by helicopter to the hospital for treatment. The investigation into what led to the fall is continuing.

Workers’ compensation can cover for care and wages after an accident

People who are injured on the job will have a great deal to think about. Medical care and treatment can be exorbitantly expensive. They might need rehabilitation and extensive care to return to a condition where they can care for themselves. Getting back to work can be a challenge and they might not able to do the same work they did before. For construction employees, their physical capabilities are paramount as there is lifting, climbing, manipulating tools and many other skills needed to do the job. The combination of issues from wages, medical expenses and long-term concerns can be worrisome. Understanding the steps necessary to recover workers’ compensation is vital.

An experienced workers’ compensation legal firm may be able to help

With this worker’s head injuries, he may need long-term treatment and care. This will be costly in myriad ways personally, financially and professionally. Despite that, there are often disagreements regarding workers’ compensation, how much will be paid, its duration and the extent of medical treatment. To get approved for benefits and maximize them, it is beneficial to have legal assistance from the start. A firm that understands how to handle workers’ compensation claims may be able to help.