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How much can one expect in workers’ compensation benefits?

If workers are injured and cannot work, it can put a significant strain on their financial situation. That is why it is important that employers follow the safety guidelines to ensure that their employees are kept safe and free of injury when at work. This does not always happen though and accidents occur as a result. Some of these accidents also leave the victims with serious injuries which prevent them from being able to work. If workers are injured while working though, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Weekly workers’ compensation benefit rates

These benefits can pay for the medical bills associated with treating the injury, which can be very valuable by itself. However, they also provide weekly cash benefits to help cove some of the lost income while they are unable to work. If people earn below $305.16 per week they will receive $203.44 in weekly benefits. If they earn between $305.16 and $2,034.47 per week, then they will receive 2/3 of their normal weekly pay. In addition to this they can receive money for mileage they accrue while driving to medical appointments to treat the injury. Currently people can receive $.56 per mile.

It is very unfortunate when people in California get injured at work. It can create significant physical problems for the worker as well as financial problems as the people lose income and may have medical bills piling up. That is why it is important that people receive the workers’ compensation benefits that they deserve. In some situations though, it can be difficult to receive these benefits and consulting with an experienced attorney could be beneficial.