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Can I go back to work and still keep my SSD benefits?

If you have been on Social Security Disability benefits for a while and your health has improved, you may want to try working again. However, you do not want to lose your SSD benefits should your attempt to work fail. For this reason, the Social Security Administration has work incentives to help those who receive SSD benefits get back into the workplace.

The “trial work period”

The SSA offers a “trial work period” to those who receive SSD benefits. The TWP lets you test the waters of getting back in the workplace. For nine months you can work and still receive your full amount of SSD benefits. It does not matter how much you earn while working, you just have to report your earnings to the SSA and continue to have a disabling impairment.

Expedited reinstatement

If work while receiving SSD benefits, and your benefits have stopped because you earned too much you can find yourself in a hard place should your disability progress rendering you unable to work again. If so, you can request the SSA to have your SSD benefits reinstated without having to undergo the entire application process again. While the SSA is determining your benefits restatement you may receive temporary SSD benefits for six months.

The trial work period and expedited reinstatement are two ways a person can try working again without sacrificing their Social Security Disability benefits or having to reapply for benefits at step one. Being able to work is a source of pride for many in Folsom, and even those who receive SSD benefits may want to try working again.