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Avoid these mistakes when filing your SSDI application

Many California residents need disability benefits to support them when they can no longer work due to a medical condition, but many of them do not get the benefits they need. According to the Social Security Administration, approximately two-thirds of initial applications for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are denied. While you may appeal your denial, reconsiderations are even more likely to be denied than initial applications.

By making sure that your initial application is as thorough and accurate as possible, you will give yourself the best chance at having your benefits approved the first time around. Experts advise avoiding the following mistakes when filing your SSDI application.

Failing to apply for benefits in a timely fashion

Reviewers are more likely to deny applications that come in too early or too late. You should make sure that you only apply for benefits when there is enough evidence to show that your medical condition will last 12 months or longer. However, you do not want to wait too long, as it can be harder to gather the evidence you need to establish your claim.

Failing to give accurate description of your condition and symptoms

Many applicants attempt to exaggerate their symptoms to appear sicker than they really are, while others downplay their symptoms to avoid seeming weak. Neither of these strategies will help you get your application approved. It is in your best interest to give a clear, detailed description of the symptoms you are actually experiencing and provide as much evidence as possible to establish your condition.

Failing to provide enough detail regarding work history

In addition to proving that you have a medical condition that warrants benefits, you must also establish that your condition prevents you from working. Some applicants mistakenly fail to provide enough information about their previous work experience, education, and job training to give reviewers a clear idea of whether they can work.

Many applicants have found success by hiring an attorney specializing in SSD benefits to represent them throughout the process. From the initial filing to the appeal (if necessary), an attorney can help you avoid the mistakes listed above and give you the best chance at having your benefits approved.