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Work-related hearing loss may warrant benefits

Many Californians spend most of their adult lives working full-time jobs to pay their bills. Some people spend decades at one job or in the same field of work, doing the same type of work every day. As a result of these repetitive tasks, workers may experience repetitive work injuries caused by spending thousands of hours typing, lifting heavy equipment, or doing other work-related tasks. One common work-related health issue that many people experience is hearing loss caused by prolonged noise exposure.

Hearing loss commonly caused by noise exposure at work

Hearing loss is a common problem for construction workers, oilfield workers, bartenders, and other workers who work in loud environments. Workers in noisy environments may experience:

  • Tinnitus (ringing or humming in the ears)
  • Temporary hearing loss
  • Permanent loss of hearing in one or both ears

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health finds that your hearing could be damaged if you are repeatedly exposed to noise over 85 decibels for eight hours at a time or longer. Considering that the average full-time employee works at least eight hours a day, it is no surprise that many of them suffer from work-related hearing loss.

If you have partial or total hearing loss because of a loud workplace environment, you may have a claim for worker’s compensation benefits. However, it can be difficult to prove that your condition is related to regular noise exposure at work, rather than age, other medical conditions, or other life experiences. An attorney specializing in workers’ compensation benefits can help you prove your case and represent you throughout the application process.