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Is there a way to expedite my SSDI application

If you need Social Security Disability Insurance, you need it now. What you do not need is to have to wait months or years to receive the disability benefits that you earned over the course of your career. And, to that end, since at least 2008, the Social Security Administration has offered two expedited processing procedures: Quick Disability Determinations and the Compassionate Allowances List.

Computer based applications and processing

QDD and CAL are both computer-based expedited processing methods. For QDD, the computer-based program is an algorithm that essentially guesses at which applications will likely be approved. For CAL, the computer program simply looks for approved keywords that match a list of approved diseases and disorders.

In both procedures, the computer flags applications for expedited processing by an SSA employee. Once they confirm the application does qualify, processing can be completed in a matter of days. Normally, approvals or denials can take months, if not years.

Quick Disability Determinations

QDD is the predictive-model algorithm. The algorithm is designed to utilize recently approved application data, compare that to each application that is submitted and then, determine which new applications most-closely match the approved applications. These comparisons are done by comparing the submitted medical evidence to determine whether an approval is likely.

Compassionate Allowances List

The SSA utilizes an approved disease and medical condition list where each listed disease or condition automatically meets the SSA’s definition of a qualifying disability for SSDI benefits. For this procedure, the computer looks through your medical documentation to see if your diagnosis includes one of these approved qualifying disabilities. If so, then it is flagged for expedited processing. The CAL is compiled with input from the general public (including from public outreach hearings), medical and scientific experts, Social Security and Disability Determination Service communities and input from the National Institutes of Health.

How do I use QDD or CAL?

For applicants, both QDD and CAL are automatically applied to your application. As such, you do not have to do anything except submit a solid application with clear and convincing evidence of your qualifying disability or medical condition. This, of course, is easier said than done, which is why many get the help of a SSDI attorney.