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Aches and pains may actually be work-related injuries

If a person over-uses the areas around their joints, they may experience what doctors call a repetitive strain injury, or RSI.

Repetitive strain injuries affect one’s muscles, nerves or connective tissue called tendons. These injuries develop when a person makes the same motion, thus using the same muscles, over and over again.

Eventually, a person will start to develop swelling, pain and other symptoms.

In many cases, these injuries just require some rest and at-home treatment. The aches and pains will subside.

Unfortunately, without proper rest and treatment, other more serious symptoms can develop.

A victim might also experience related medical issues, including stress fractures and herniated vertebrae disks.

Californians of all trades and professions might experience a repetitive strain injury.

Those in industry frequently repeat the same motion. They may also have to work with tools and equipment that vibrate.

Those who work in an office environment might also experience repetitive strain injuries. Even frequent typing, for instance, can lead to an injury called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Folsom residents may be entitled to compensation after a work-related RSI

If a resident of the greater Sacramento area gets diagnosed with an RSI, they should think about whether to ask for benefits through California’s Workers’ Compensation system.

The worker will have to prove that their RSI is related to their job. This is not always an easy task since RSIs happen over time and for a lot of reasons.

There is rarely a single accident a person can point to as the cause of an RSI. Many employers and their insurance carriers may argue that the worker suffered an RSI because of some other activity not related to their job.

A victim of a work-related RSI who needs workers’ compensation benefits may need to be able to advocate for their rights.