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Common workplace hazards that put your health and safety at risk

Most people spend more than half their days at the workplace. But while employees may have achieved a certain level of comfort in their work environment, there may still be health and safety risks they could face during work hours. In fact, certain occupations are dangerous enough to be officially classified as hazardous.

Being aware of these common injuries may help you prevent them from happening. But even if any of them did happen to you, you might be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits if you meet the requirements.

Workplace accidents in California

Every workplace is different. Construction workers face different risks than teachers, for example, and the same goes for other occupations. Here are common workplace hazards recorded in the state of California:

  • Lifting, which can lead to neck, shoulder and back injuries
  • Falling from heights
  • Slipping, tripping or falling, which can occur with a messy workspace
  • Repetitive stress injury or repetitive motions that may lead to temporary or permanent damage in the tendons, nerves, muscles or ligaments
  • Equipment injuries (e.g., sustaining a blow from a piece of equipment)
  • Injuries from falling heavy objects
  • Pushing and pulling

What can I do in case of a workplace injury?

Under California laws, employers with at least one part-time or one-full time employee have to carry insurance coverage. So, an injured employee who sustained injuries at work can claim benefits. These benefits may include medical treatment, disability payments, job displacement vouchers or death benefits for the family of an employee who lost their life at work.

There are specific steps you have to follow when claiming workers’ compensation in California. As long as you meet the requirements, you may be eligible for the benefits.