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How can I return to my job after a work injury?

Work injuries could turn your life upside down. They could leave you with lasting conditions or disabilities, depending on the circumstances. You can rely on your workers’ compensation and accompanying benefits in these challenging situations.

You could take advantage of your benefits as you recover to return to your job. However, how do you determine if you can return to work after the injury?

A review process could help determine if you can work. It usually involves your claims administrator and employer while your doctor helps provide all the required information.

Then, they will examine if you can return to your original job before the injury. They would assess your condition and pinpoint other potential positions your employer could assign you.

Their decision could vary because they cannot force you back into your original job if you have a disability that could make it dangerous or impossible for you to perform.

What happens if there is no job for me?

Job displacement usually happens when an employee suffers a permanent disability because of their injury and can no longer return to their original position or qualify for alternative options within the organization. Still, it could be a significant problem, disrupting lives and livelihoods.

Fortunately, the government offers the supplemental job displacement benefit (SJDB) for these situations. Workers who meet the criteria can receive vouchers for their skills and educational retraining to pursue suitable jobs.

These vouchers could cover all necessary expenses, including tuition, books and other accompanying fees. However, the voucher’s dollar amount might change depending on the worker’s condition, ranging from around $4,000 to $10,000.

This benefit exists to help secure your source of income after your work injury. Knowing you have these safeguards to protect your livelihood, you could focus on caring for yourself and your family.