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Technology can help reduce workplace injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries account for roughly one-third of all injuries that workers in California and throughout the country will experience. However, there are steps that employers can take to ensure that workers are not put at a higher risk of muscle strains, muscle sprains or other types of injuries.

Technique can help you stay safe while bending and lifting

The use of proper technique can reduce the chances of getting hurt while bending over or while lifting heavy objects. Ideally, you will keep your back flat and lift with your quads or with your hamstrings. This is because they are bigger and can take more of the weight that you have to lift without expending as much energy.

Be aware of how fatigue changes your movements

As you get tired, you may change the way that you bend, twist or move in general. If you aren’t aware of these changes, you may stop lifting with your legs or stop taking other steps that can help keep you safe. Your employer may make use of tools provided by companies such as Worklete to help provide coaching and feedback.

Companies need to create strong safety cultures

Ideally, your employer will use software and other tools to create a strong safety culture within the organization. Getting quality feedback and instruction helps to reinforce values throughout the entire company, which can provide further incentive to work in a safe manner.

If you have experienced a neck, back or any other type of injury at work, you could receive workers’ compensation benefits. This is generally true even if you played a role in causing an accident to happen. An attorney may be able to help you learn more about the workers’ compensation system as well as what to do if a request for benefits is denied.