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Workers’ comp claims often due to construction falls

Many Californians work in construction, and with these types of jobs, there are known dangers. Complex tools, large vehicles, machinery and heavy items are used. Accidents can happen and cause injuries that require workers’ compensation benefits. One of the most common ways construction workers are injured or lose their lives is by falling from an elevated area. Statistically, this is a major problem and sparks many workers’ comp claims.

How many worker’s comp claims from falls are there?

The insurance company Nationwide says that almost one-third of workers’ comp claims it processed in the last five years were because of falls during construction. The insurer is emphasizing the need for vigilance to avoid these accidents. They can be costly in myriad ways and cause extensive problems for workers. Workers miss substantial time on the job, are prone to injuries on multiple areas of the body and may require disability leave.

How can construction companies improve worker safety?

Construction companies can do their part to enhance worker safety. Events dedicated to teaching workers about safety challenges and how to avoid them can be effective. Included may be a written set of requirements for employees with using ladders and implementing other strategies to work on elevated areas, frequent inspections with repairs and replacements, and sufficient training for workers to understand how to use lifts and scaffolds.

Employees can do their part to improve safety by discussing tactics and adhering to fundamentals like using guardrails and protective equipment when working on elevated surfaces, having ropes and pulleys to lift materials, and using certain kinds of stepladders that are known to be safer. Workers who have fallen on a construction site or had any other injuries when working in this industry will face an uncertain future. Hardworking people who are injured might be confronted with medical expenses, lost income and possible long-term challenges. A workers’ comp claim is meant to cover what was lost, but filing in a timely fashion and providing all the necessary evidence is key. Some cases are disputed or denied, so having legal advice from the start from an experienced legal professional may be beneficial.