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Will your health condition leave you unable to work?

Many California residents will face health challenges at some point in life, whether it is due to age, sudden onset of disease or perhaps even an accident that caused a serious injury. Health problems of any kind can be difficult for individuals and families to address, both from emotional and financial perspectives. For example, what can you do if your health condition leaves you unable to work and, therefore, unable to earn an income to support yourself and your family?

There is, fortunately, a program in place that most workers in America pay into for just such a situation. It is the Social Security Disability program. This program is designed to help people who find that they are no longer able to work due to some type of health condition – be it physical or mental. If they qualify for SSD benefits, they will receive a monthly amount that they can use to address their financial needs.

Eligibility, however, can be somewhat of a hurdle for some applicants. SSD benefits are not available to just anyone. Applicants must be eligible by virtue of having paid into the system through a certain amount of years of work. The “disability” in question must also meet the definition of such, which is determined by the Social Security Administration. And, even if it is a “disability,” that health condition must be expected to last 12 months or more.

Your health, your SSD benefits

At our law firm, we work with California residents who need to determine their eligibility for SSD benefits. For more information, please visit the Social Security Disability overview section of our law firm’s website.