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What is the Return-to-Work Supplement Program?

Many people develop and improve skills they need the longer they stay at their jobs. They expect that they will be able to continue to do the same type of work for a long time based on their skills and job qualifications.

However, life is unpredictable and circumstances can change in an instant, especially when workers suffer serious injuries.

Workers may suddenly find themselves unable to complete the job tasks due to long-term and potentially permanent injuries. This may force them to find other employment, which could require learning new skills and receiving different training.

People in this position may be able to receive a supplemental job displacement benefit voucher. This provides workers with permanent injuries a voucher to use to pay for education and training needed for securing employment in a different field.

Money available through the Return-to-Work Supplement Program

People who receive these vouchers will need time to complete the program and there will likely be a gap in time before they can start working again. During this period of time, people may have difficulties meeting all of their needs even with their workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers who qualify for supplemental job displacement benefit vouchers also may be able to receive $5,000 through the Return-to-work Supplement program. To receive this people need to apply within one year of receiving the voucher.

It is bad enough for California workers when they are injured. It can be even worse when they are unable to work as a result of the injury. Severe injuries may prevent people from ever returning to the same job.

It is important that people in this position receive the assistance they need, which can include a payment of $5,000. Experienced attorneys understand the importance of this financial assistance and may be a useful resource.