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Does workers’ comp cover computer vision syndrome?

Workers’ compensation coverage helps protect workers when they sustain injuries on the job. If you make a successful claim, you may be able to use your compensation for treatment and other expenses while you recover and cannot go to work.

Workers’ comp covers many types of injuries. These generally include those you might get from sudden accidents and repetitive strain injuries, such as computer vision syndrome (CVS).

Understanding CVS

CVS refers to symptoms common in people who regularly view digital screens for long periods. It usually occurs because the eyes need to adjust to the glare and high contrast of images on digital screens. CVS often develops gradually and worsens over time, affecting more than the eyes and causing symptoms that include:

  • Headaches
  • Shoulder and back pain
  • Difficulty concentrating

Left untreated, CVS might lead to blurred vision and eye pain and impair your ability to do your job efficiently.

CVS and workers’ comp

In California, workers’ comp covers cumulative injuries or those that occur because of repetitive exposure to traumatic activities. This definition generally covers CVS.

Thankfully, CVS is usually reversible, especially if treated early. Seeking medical attention can help remedy the symptoms, and your doctor may advise you on strategies to reduce the strain on your eyes while doing your job. Finally, your doctor’s diagnosis and notes will likely help as supporting documents for your workers’ comp claim.

Workers’ comp can help reduce the burden caused by CVS and other work-related injuries. If you need guidance regarding requirements and making a successful claim, it would help to seek legal assistance.