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If You Experienced Harassment, We Can Fight For Compensation

Enduring sexual harassment in the workplace can affect your life in ways that you did not anticipate. In addition to feeling degraded and frustrated, you may also feel unendurably stressed. This stress can affect your health, earning ability and personal relationships.

Many harassment survivors do not realize that they can file a claim for stress related to harassment. Walters & Zinn, Attorneys at Law helps clients throughout California hold their harassers and employers accountable through legal action. We can assist you in seeking compensation for the damages you suffered due to workplace harassment.

What Damages Can You Seek For Harassment?

California courts may recognize several damages in cases involving workplace harassment, including:

  • Lost wages from any time that you had to take off to escape the harassment, or from the wages you lost due to wrongful demotion or termination
  • Emotional and mental trauma from the strain of withstanding harassment
  • Punitive damages for employers that did not take adequate action to end harassment

Can A Personal Injury Claim Stop Workplace Harassment?

Injury claims are fairly new tools in the battle against workplace harassment. Sometimes, legal action is the only way to make an offender or an indifferent employer understand that you are serious about protecting your rights. Lawsuits send an important message: harass your coworkers or allow harassment to take place, and you will be held responsible in court.

Hold Your Harassers Accountable. Get A Consultation.

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